Boxhole meteorite forms Sideral exhibition

Sonica: Sideral

In Sideral, Marcela Amas and Gilberto Esparza challenge the perception of space as silent. As iron meteorites make their journey through space, the extreme events they pass through are recorded as changes in their magnetic field — a kind of log, by which scientists can understand where the meteorite has come from. Amas and Esparza go one step further: here, an 82kg chunk of space debris named Boxhole, found in Australia in 1937, is cradled in spidery wooden sensor-limbs that ‘read’ the meteorite and generate an eerie, modulating music that’s also a kind of storytelling, the account of an almost unimaginable journey through the void.

You can visit the Sideral exhibition daily from Friday 6th until Sunday 29th October, from 12 to 5pm. Entry is free. 

About Sonica

Sonica is a year-round programme of events dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts, punctuated by a biennial autumn festival in Glasgow. Produced by Cryptic, Sonica presents emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues.

Sonica was launched in Glasgow in November 2012 at Tramway and has toured to Australia, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden and across the UK. Since 2012, Sonica has presented more than 400 events, including performances, installations, exhibitions and screenings by over 180 artists from six continents, reaching over 50,000 people.


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