Moon50 Landing Party

Join us on July 20th for an unmissable one-off family party, exactly 50 years from the moment we landed on the Moon. Delve into our very best space themed experiences, and be transported back in time in our retro Moon memories living room. Dress up, and discover how the Moon landings inspired us to think big, make peace and look after our planet.

Glasgow Science Centre takes you back to 1969 with flower power and of course celebrating humankind's first steps on the surface of the Moon. A truly intergenerational celebration of nostalgia and science for all the family with activities, live music, science shows and more - so step back in time and relive the moment!

Visit a 1969 living room and hear recollections of fellow Glaswegians' memories of this moment, make your own lunar lander, be captivated by brand new planetarium and science shows and even get groovy in our very own swinging 60s disco!


Destination Moon - Science Show

Join us to explore the origins of the Earth's natural satellite and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions that allowed humans to journey to the moon!

One Small Step - Planetarium Show

With one small step in our Planetarium you can take a trip to the Moon, land in the Sea of Tranquility and explore just a few of the 194 moons in our solar system.

Space Lab - Workshop

Ever wondered what the Moon smells like? Or what a moon rock looks like up close? Come along and try your hand at some fascinating lunar experiments in our very own lunar lab!

Nebula in a Bottle - Workshop

Create your own little bit of space to take own in a beautiful little jar!

Meteorite/Meteorwrong - Workshop

Ever wanted to hold a piece of space? Come and learn how to tell your meteorites apart from your meteorwrongs by picking up real space rocks. Using detective work can you work out which is which? 

Lunar Rovers - Workshop

Come along and put your engineering skills to the test by building your very own lunar rover and putting your design to the test!

Swinging 60s Disco

Revisit some of the 1960s classics, and twist and shout about Glasgow Science Centre's Swinging 60's Disco. Get on your glad rags and boogie on down to the best retro disco of the summer.

Pretty Ugly DJ's

Glasgow's longest running alternative club night, run by two gals with good tunes. Pretty Ugly Club is the city's best kept secret and has been an indie pop institution since 2005. 

Moon Bar

Try some out-of-this-world mocktails at the Moon Bar!

1960's Retro Living Room

Ever wondered what it must have been like watching humans first land on the Moon? Wonder no more as we take you back to 1969 with a retro living room where you can relive this moment and recall memories of this historic moment in history.

Stan Milne Art Gallery

Sheep in space? Visit the gallery of painting inspired by the Apollo missions and created by artist and engineer Stan Milne. You can even take the unique opportunity to design your very own Stan Milne inspired art piece! 

Creativity & Curiosity 'Moons' Exhibition

Visit the touring exhibition 'Moons' by Creativity & Curiosity, as artists Ione Parkin & Gillian McFarland explore the science behind the surface of distant moons. Astronomy and art collide in this breath-taking exhibition. This collection of work has been described as "amazing and beautiful" by Prof Martin Barstow (former president of the Royal Astronomical Society).

Meet the Artists - Ione Parkin and Gillian McFarland will be here on Saturday 13th July to speak with visitors about their work


See the full programme here: Moon50-What's On-Full-Guide FINAL - WEB.pdf

All for only £7.50!

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