Moon50 Festival

Join us this 13th to 21st July for a spectacular and memorable celebration of the Moon landings, and how they changed our lives.

This week-long festival of events offers the opportunity for families and communities to come together and share memories of the historic Moon landing, experience life in 1969 and talk about aspirations for the future. The week of festivities will conclude with a family party for everyone to enjoy where you will be an immersed in the world of 1969 with live entertainment, vintage clothes dress up and a chance to delve into our very best space themed experiences. They will be transported back to the 1960s, trying retro technology, food, dance and fashion to discover how the Moon landings inspired us to think big, make peace and look after our planet.

What's On

Moon Landing Party

Saturday 20th July - 6pm

Join us for this unmissable one-off family party, exactly 50 years from the moment we landed on the Moon. Delve into our very best space-themed experiences, and be transported back in time in our retro Moon memories living room. Dress up, and discover how the Moon landings inspired us to think big, make peace and look after our planet.

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One Small Step - Planetarium Show

Daily throughout July

With one small step into the fulldome digital planetarium you can take a trip to the Moon, land in the Sea of Tranquility, then explore just a few of the 194 moons in our solar system.

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One Giant Leap - Planetarium Show

Daily throughout July

For most of human history, we've viewed our Moon with a sense of wonder. Take one giant leap back in time and visit some of the Apollo landing sites, before we take you on a journey into the depths of our solar system and beyond.

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Moon to Mars - The next giant leap

Wednesday 17th July - 4pm

50 years ago, NASA dared to land men on the Moon. We will discuss the challenges facing the next giant leap: sending humans to Mars!

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Planetarium Lates

Saturday 13th July - 7pm

Celebrating that one small step, this special edition of our Planetarium Lates will take you back to 1969. Spend your Saturday night under the stars, follow in the footsteps of Neil, Buzz and Mike, before voyaging into the cosmos to explore the next giant leap.

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Debunking Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Sunday 21st July - 4pm

In this discussion chaired by Brian Eggo of Glasgow Skeptics, a panel of experts in space science will discuss and debunk some common conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landing of 1969

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Lunar Laser Ranging - 50 Years Later

Sunday 21st July - 3pm

In 1969, NASA landed three astronauts on the Moon, along with numerous scientific experiments. The Lunar Laser Ranging experiment is an ongoing experiment which allows us to measure the distance between Earth and the Moon. Join guest speaker Professor Jim Faller as he discusses this experiment, how we analyze this data and what the future holds for this research.

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Sci-Fi Sunday - First Man

Sunday 21st July - 7pm

Sci-Fi Sunday gets the Moon treatment!

The Oscar-winning adaptation of James R. Hansen's biography of astronaut Neil Armstrong brings to life the early days of the Apollo programme, the sheer ambition of the Space Race, and the human story behind one of the greatest achievements in history. Spend Sunday evening under the stars in our fulldome digital planetarium, while one of our expert astronomers whisks you off into the cosmos, before settling back to enjoy the film with a drink, popcorn, and a snack.

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The Dark Side Of The Moon: Fulldome Experience

Saturday 6th & 13th July - 8.30pm

A sound and visual extravaganza features the entirety of the seminal The Dark Side of the Moon album from 1973, accompanied by mesmeric visualisations projected across the entirety of the planetarium's immersive 15m dome. Prior to the main feature, our expert team of astronomers will take you on a tour of the cosmos, beyond the dark side of the Moon to the very edge of the known universe, in our state-of-the-art digital planetarium. Please note this event is for over 18’s only.

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Blast Off - Little Explorer Day

Saturday 13th July & Sunday 14th July - 10.30am-3.30pm

We bring our hugely popular Little Explorer Days along with us in Moon Celebration with Blast Off! Join us on a journey through space. Launch a rocket, hold a meteorite and discover constellations. It'll be out of this world.

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Creativity & Curiosity Exhibition

Saturday 13th - Sunday 21st August

A collaboration between Artists and Astronomers

A touring exhibition of artwork by the international art/science project, ‘Creativity and Curiosity: A collaboration between Artists and Astronomers’. Contemporary artists Ione Parkin and Gillian McFarland are showing a selection of their work created in connection with astrophysicists, cosmologists and planetary geologists. The exhibition focuses on their responses to planetary surfaces and distant moons. Collaborating artists include Daniela De Paulis and Collette Rayner.

Meet the Artists - Ione Parkin and Gillian McFarland will be here on Saturday 13th July to speak with visitors about their work

Muppets from Space

Saturday 20th July - 2pm

Bring the whole family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that first small step. We'll take you on a trip to the Moon, then journey into the solar system in our live, presenter led show "One Small Step". After that, you can settle into your seats and enjoy "Muppets from Space", an out-of-this-world adventure for Kermit and the gang as they try to reunite Gonzo with his long lost family.

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Autism Friendly Hours

Sunday 21st July - 10am-12pm

All the same fun of GSC but with much less hustle and bustle on a Sunday Morning! This Autism Friendly Hours gives you a full morning of moon landing space fun with workshops, science shows and exhibits celebrating the monumental anniversary of the moon landing.

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Where Were You?

We are looking to collate recollections of 1969 when humans first stepped foot on the Moon and what their memories were. Where were you? Did you watch the Moon landing? Did you hear it on the radio? How did it feel?

To help in being a part of this project visit: Moon Memories form A4-fillable.pdf


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