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Little Explorer Days — Science Passport Holders

If you have a Science Passport, Little Explorer Days are a surefire way to have tons to do this winter. We have five themed weekends starting in October and running through 'til March.

It's really helpful for us to plan if you confirm your attendance on the site via the events below, even though your Passport gets you free entry to all of these events. So, get yourselves signed up for hours of fun at Glasgow Science Centre and keep yourself out of the spectacular Scottish weather!

Up, Up and Away - February 23rd & 24th

  • Balloon Rockets — Learn about forces as we launch our balloon rockets into space
  • Air Explorers — Join us as we explore the air around us in this investigative workshop
  • Bubbleology — Create your very own bubble blower and stand inside a giant bubble!
  • Wind Socks — Design and make your own wind sock. Take it home and try it out on a windy day.
  • Paper Helicopters — Make your very own paper helicopter. Test it on our wind table and see it fly!
  • Up, Up and Away — Play and pretend. Will you be the captain of a plane or a helicopter pilot? 

And looking further ahead, here's more Little Explorer dates for your diary:

Activities for Little Explorer Days run from 10.30am to 3.30pm. The Science Mall is open from 10am to 5pm (please note: GSC will close at 4pm on 24th February), so there’s plenty of time throughout the day to explore.

If you don't have a Science Passport yet, you can head here to book standard tickets to Little Explorers events instead.


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