Talks and book signings

From Deep Time to Deep Space

Join us for a series of talks and book signings covering topics from deep time to deep space

Dr Steve Brusatte, John Brown and Rab Wilson visit Glasgow Science Centre to present their work in an evening of talks and book signings!

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs - Dr Steve Brusatte

11 August - 4pm

Sixty-six million years ago dinosaurs were wiped out in a cataclysmic extinction event after ruling the Earth for 150 million years. Dr. Steve Brusatte is one of the leading scientists in a new generation of dinosaur hunters. Armed with cutting edge technology, he is leading the charge in piecing together the complete story of the dinosaurs' time on Earth. The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs is packing with exhilarating accounts of some of his personal discoveries and is a timely reminder of what humans can learn from the magnificent creatures who ruled the earth before us. 

Join us for a talk and Q and A with Steve to discover the science behind these incredible animals.

Signed copies of the book will be available to buy after the talk.

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Oor Big Braw Cosmos - John Brown and Rab Wilson

11 August - 6:30pm

In their new book 'Oor Big Braw Cosmos', eminent Scots astronomer John Brown and poet Rab Wilson explore the beauty of the universe and its workings via a cocktail of science and science history from John, new poems from Rab, and numerous superb photo and art images, many from Scottish amateurs.

In this talk they will present intertwined science concepts, images and poetry readings, and discuss the pleasures and challenges they experienced in this cross-cultural project and the science, aesthetic, and entertaining insights that such sci-art ventures can bring to wide audiences. Signed copies of the book will be available to buy after the talk.

This talk is supported by the David Elder Bequest.

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