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Cyber Scotland Week

Do you know how to protect yourself online? How do you choose a strong password, or know if the information you are sharing is in safe hands? What is cyber resilience?

This April at Glasgow Science Centre, we've got a range of events and activities shedding light on cyber resilience, the career opportunities and innovation it brings, along with tips and techniques for staying safe and secure online.

Glasgow Science Centre has partnered with the Scottish Government and ScotlandIS, to support a new initiative, Cyber Scotland Week (22nd April – 28th April 2019).

What's On

At Glasgow Science Centre on the 27 April there will be a chance to participate in our My World of Work Live! workshop: Cracking Cryptography. Express your creativity and unleash your skills as an ethical hacker.

Plus, there's a chance to meet experts from the world of cyber security including Police Scotland and PWC.

There's more details of what's on, when, on the day of your visit here.

And visiting schools on the 24 April will be experiencing a range of educational activities with an emphasis on up-skilling and career opportunities in cyber security. Around 500 S1 and S2 school pupils will participate in My World of Work Live! workshops on games design and cyber security, along with an exciting range of experts to meet and learn from. Plus, there's performances of 'The Big Data Show' which interactively explores, who knows what about you, what you are ‘agreeing’ to when you download an app and how to live with the challenges of social media.

*All programme is subject to change.

Stay Safe Online!

Cyber Scotland Week have some top tips to keeping yourself safe online - check them out in the gallery below!


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