Looking out from behind the seats of the planetarium onto the screen

Sci-Fi Sundays

Enjoy edge-of-your-seat screenings of classic sci-fi films, kicking off at 7pm on Sundays (well... usually!). Tickets include a whistle-stop tour of the solar system, as well as the main feature. If it's a rainy Sunday and you're looking for indoor activities in Glasgow, you could do a lot worse than this treat for the senses!


Sunday 16 February, 7pm

You'd be a wally to miss our Valentine's weekend Sci-Fi Sunday! While the adventures of a robotic rubbish collector might not sound particularly romantic, it's impossible not to be charmed by WALL·E and EVE. Pixar's poignant tale seems more relevant than ever, but there's still time for us to clean up our act, and for you to get your tickets! Your ticket includes a drink, snack, and popcorn, and a whistle-stop tour of the universe with one of our expert astronomers.

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