Looking out from behind the seats of the planetarium onto the screen

Sci-Fi Sundays

Enjoy edge-of-your-seat screenings of classic sci-fi films, kicking off at 7pm on Sundays (well... usually!). Tickets include a beer, wine or soft drink, plus a snack and a whistle-stop tour of the solar system, as well as the main feature. It’s for adults only and for just £15 per person – cosmic! If it's a rainy Sunday and you're looking for indoor activities in Glasgow, you could do a lot worse than this treat for the senses! 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sold Out

Fasten that garter belt and give yourself over to absolute pleasure this Halloween with Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Planetarium! Join sweethearts Brad and Janet as they meet sweet transvestite Dr Frank N. Furter and friends as he unveils his latest muscly creation. 

Come dressed in your glam rock glad rags and prepare to belt out classics like the Time Warp and Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me. Tickets cost £15 and include a beer, wine or soft drink, a snack and a whistle-stop tour of the solar system before the 1975 horror musical.

26th November at 7pm

If it's just us, it seems like an awful waste of space... Join us to mark Carl Sagan's birthday with November's Sci-Fi Sunday. Contact, starring Jodie Foster, and based on Sagan's 1985 book of the same name, might leave you feeling a little less alone in the universe.

17th December at 7pm 

Our favourite Christmas movie! Remember that when it comes to the perfect Christmas gift, what you see isn't always what you get!



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