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Have a sizzling summer with a visit to the Science Centre. There is lots to do for all the family that will keep everyone entertained for hours!

In the Science Mall

Visit the three floors of the Science Mall where you can play for the day with over three hundred exhibits! There are screens to touch, buttons to push, gears to crank and lots of things to get your hands on. You can perform a virtual autopsy, move objects with the power of your mind, run on our sprint track and feel the force in the hurricane booth! If you have little ones, make sure you visit our under 7's area which includes a soft play area.

Find out what happens in a nuclear chain reaction, or get energetic and race the family on our Scalextric track in Powering the Future. After a visit to BodyWorks, you'll never look at your body in the same way again.

Plus, tantalise your senses in our new exhibition on Floor 1, A Question of Perception where you can grow or shrink in the Ames Room, tilt your Universe in the Wacky Salon, or even look into infinity!

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Go for a run in our Giant Hamster Wheel exhibit

Included in your Science Mall ticket are some fun activities, workshops and shows.

Huff and Puff– What is air and what do we use it for? Join us to explore the air all around us and make your very own wind powered car! (7s and under)

Minecraft: Hour of Code- Try your hand as a software engineer with ‘Hour of Code’. Program animals and enemies in your own version of Minecraft. (8's and over)

The Pure Random Science Show- Catch our brand new live science show where you decide what experiments our scientists do by spinning the Wheel of Fortune! Oooh! Be thrilled by spectacular science demos with lots of bangs, flashes and explosions! There may be giant fire tornadoes, there could be an indoor geyser or even rocket launches- who knows? It’s just pure random!

Make you own Lungs– Make your own working model to show how lungs work. Find out how we breathe and how our bodies use oxygen to sustain life. (August only)

DNA extraction- Extract and observe your own DNA in the lab. Get a taste of what it’s like to be a bio scientist and find out how your DNA makes you unique. (8s and over)

In the Planetarium:

For £3.00 you can add on a visit to the fulldome digital planetarium and explore the cosmos with our expert presenters or see a fulldome film.

  • Space Explorers- The perfect show for younger visitors to our new digital planetarium. Explore the night sky and take a trip to the Moon before flying through the solar system to see a planet up close.

  • Wonders of the Night Sky- Take a dramatic tour of our solar system, from the International Space Station to distant planets, and then head into interstellar space as we explore our galaxy and our place in the cosmos. 

  • Extra Galactic- This Extra Galactic show will take you from the deserts of Australia to beyond the edge of the Milky Way looking at a universe full of galaxies. This show is suitable for ages 8 and over.
  • We are Aliens(fulldome film)- Are we alone? Is it possible to find life beyond earth? Take a journey to find out in this Rupert Grint narrated 360° Planetarium film from the award-winning NSC Creative team.

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To book tickets to the Science Mall and the planetarium, please call 0141 420 5000.

Glasgow Tower

Take the 2.5 minute journey to the top of Glasgow Tower where you can enjoy unrivalled panoramic views of the city, the Clyde and the landscapes beyond. You will be able to explore a virtual panoramic view on iPads using new GAR (Geo-located Augmented Reality) technology to see all 360° around the viewing platform and zoom into over a dozen places of interest, accessing contemporary and archive images, whilst keeping your feet firmly in the viewing cabin. Tickets cost £3.50 add on to your Science Mall ticket or £6.50 for a standalone visit to the Tower.

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In the Cineworld IMAX at Glasgow Science Centre

Take in an incredible 3D film that puts you out in space, or transports you to far flung corners of the globe to see amazing wildlife!

For the latest movie releases and to book tickets visit www.cineworld.com 

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