Science Posters

On this page you can find a series of science posters and activity booklets that can be used in the classroom covering topics relating to climate change, minibeasts, the human body, forensic science, and teeth.

These resources were developed jointly by The Scottish Science Centre Network.

Our partners, The Royal Society of Chemistry also have fantastic selection of PDF infographics on the theme of Colourful Chemistry that are suitable for students at National, Higher and Advanced Higher level.



icon Forensic Science Poster

icon What is Forensic Science Activity Booklet

The front cover of the Forensic Science poster

Examines a selection of forensic techniques and explores how we use science and problem solving to answer questions about crimes. Includes information and experiments on:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Cracking codes
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Chromatography

Suitability: For all ages.


icon Human Body Poster

icon How Does My Body Work Activity Booklet

The front cover of the Human Body poster

Takes you through the main processes of the human body and looks in more detail at:

  • Feeding and Digestion
  • Excretion and Waste
  • Support and Movement
  • Breathing and Circulation
  • The brain

Suitability: All ages


icon Teeth Poster

icon Tell Me About Teeth Activity Booklet

The front cover of the Teeth poster

Helps find out about:

  • Types of teeth in our mouth
  • Structure of a tooth
  • How to look after our teeth
  • Why different animals have different types of teeth

Suitability: All ages


icon Minibeasts Poster

icon What Are Minibeasts Activity Booklet

The front cover of the Minibeasts poster

Helping to identify and classify invertebrates with activities, information and fascinating images. Key elements include:

  • Minibeast communities
  • Tricks invertebrates use to stay alive
  • Butterfly life cycle

Suitability: All ages


icon Climate Change Poster

icon Climate and Climate Change Activity Booklet

The front cover of the Climate and Climate Change poster

Provides information on different climates around the world and some of the ways in which we monitor climate and how it is changing. Topics include:

  • The water cycle
  • How to measure the weather
  • Regions of the World

Suitability: For all ages

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