Future projects

Glasgow Science Centre is always striving to bring the newest developments of science to our visitors.

Future Projects

Our next ambitious project is "Powering the Future".

An ambitious and fascinating interactive exhibtion that shines a light on the innovation and engineering excellence that is the future of power generation.

Packed with the excitement of science it will inspire visitors with the attractiveness of the Energy sector.

To play your part in it, speak to our CEO, Dr Stephen Breslin about partnership opportunities.

Recent Projects

Some of our most recent projects:

  • Be Creative Be Innovative - exploring where Science, Engineering and Art meet (opened Easter 2011)
  • MindWorks - Enhancing our Alice in Wonderland exhibits with new content on our 8 perceptions (opened Easter 2011)
  • BodyWorks - Health and Wellbeing in the 21st Century explores the science underpinning human health with an accent on the amazing innovations happening in Scotland and across the UK (opened Easter 2013).


Love Science

A young boy sitting in a egg-shaped chair wearing headphones, as he explores his sense of hearing (and others) in the MindWorks exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre.

The back of the uniform of a science communicator at Glasgow Science Centre with the text 'I (heart) Science'.


Be Creative Be Innovative

An artist's conception of a planned exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre, BodyWorks - Health and well-being in the 21st century, supported by the Wellcome Trust and GlaxoSmithKline

A woman and girl building towers of blocks on shaking tables to investigate structures during earthquakes, part of the Be Creative, Be Innovative exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre

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