Wellcome Image Awards 2015

Wellcome Image Awards 2015

The Wellcome Image Awards 2015 invite you to ‘come closer’ with a selection of winning images that celebrate the best in science imaging talent and techniques.

Amongst the images (on display from 20th March 2015), you can see a scanning electron micrograph of a greenfly eye, the digital illustration of pollen grains being released from the anther of a flower, and a photograph of an interactive multi-sensory unit designed to provide a distraction for anxious children undergoing painful hospital procedures. The spectacular images show in minute detail the wonder that can be found in the world around and within you.

Two youngsters view the Wellcome Images 2014 on display at Glasgow Science Centre

Wellcome images is one of world’s most unique collections of cultural and scientific images and following on from the success of last year, the winning images from the awards will be on display at various locations around the UK including Glasgow Science Centre!

The exhibition images will be displayed on Floor 2 of the Science Mall. You can come even closer to the images via a touch screen where you can magnify different aspects of the images to give you a more in depth view.

Make sure you plan a visit to the exhibition during your visit to the Science Mall.

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