Fright Night

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Halloween Fright Night
Friday 27th October 2017
£6.50 per skull

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Join us, if you dare, at our annual Halloween Fright Night- Scotland’s biggest and best family Halloween Party. There’s no pass the parcel at this party but there will be plenty of tricks (and some treats) in store. Polish your fangs, dust off your cobweb coat and dress to impress as there are fang-tastic prizes to be won! 

400 costume

Whats On

  • Mould a Monster – mould a monster to take home
  • Journey to the Underworld - join us in the planetarium as you journey to the underworld. What horrors lurk in the darkness? Fun but scary - parental discretion suggested
  • Goooo! Zone – get hands on and messy with goo in our free play cornflour goo

400 goozone

  • Frightful Feelers- what creatures lurk within these frightful boxes? Are you brave enough to find out?
  • Monster Science – join our Monster scientists for a hideous and hilarious experiments show
  • Potions Class – eye of newt, spawn of frog, what will you mix in your witches’ grog? How do witches know when their potion is ready? Explore the spellbinding science that happens in cauldrons!

400 potions

  • Frankenstein Autopsy – real dissections, not for the faint hearted-parental discretion suggested
  • Spooky Shadows- make a spooky shadow puppet for our haunted house
  • Under Pressure- do you have what it takes to keep your cool whilst under pressure We will monitor your heart rate whilst exposing you to some stressful situations
  • Escape Room- work together to solve the puzzles to help you escape...before its too late.

400 escape

Activities are subject to change and availability

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