BodyWorks On Tour for Schools

You can select shows and workshops based on either ‘BodyVision’ or ‘Fit Lab’ themes. We’ll visit you and deliver a tailored half or full day set of activities.

Science Shows

Journey through My Body (P1  -P3)

Follow your food's journey through the amazing body. Find out where and how food travels through the body and the importance of diet and making healthy choices.

CfE: Body Systems and cells | Health and Well Being (Food and Nutrition)

Disgusting Digestion (P4 -P7)

The human body is an amazing machine. Be involved in Glasgow Science Centre's most popular show to find out about how diet can make a diffference to your body's function and overall wellbeing.

CfE: Body Systems and Cells

BodyVision 3D (P6 - S3)

Let us show you a cinematic experience that will take your breath away. Our 3D journey through a virtual human body is a unique opportunity to explore the unseen aspects of human anatomy and physiology.

CfE: Body systems and cells.

Careering into Science (P7 - S3)

Where could science take you? With memorable demonstrations, this inspiring show highlights how everyone can benefit by studying science, technology, engineering and maths.

CfE: Planning for Choices and Changes | Topical Science | Technological Developments in Society

Go Oxygen Go! (P1-P3)

On your marks, get set, go and investigate our very busy bodies. This show will have the whole class getting active while learning about oxygen's role in a healthy body!

CfE: Body systems and cells.


BodyVision Exhibits Workshop (P1-S3 - differentiated on delivery)

Participants will get hands-on with a range of engaging anatomy themed exhibits. They will address topics like cardiovascular fitness, body composition and the effects of lifestyle choices like smoking.

CfE: Body Systems and cells

Fit Lab Exhibits Workshop (P1-S3 - differentiated on delivery)

Your pupils can explore their endurance, power, agility, speed and coordination through a range of zoned exhibits. They will be invited to become a scientist and subject in a personalised investigation designed to test their limits.

CfE: Body systems and cells | Health and Well Being (Physical Education/ Physical Activity and Sport)



School Half Day - £200 + VAT

School Full Day - £300 + VAT


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