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Sunday 29th of November 10:00am

Little Explorer Day - World Of Wings

Meet the beautiful world of Wings birds and find out how amazing they are!
Sunday 29th of November 10:30am

Little Explorer Day - Bubbleology

Come and play with our bubbles! You can make tiny ones, giant ones, made from all sorts of shapers – and create your very own bubble blower!
Sunday 29th of November 10:30am

Creative Technology Space

Drop in and be part of the maker revolution as you get to grips with our creative tech. You can use electronics to solve a problem or design a device that makes music. You could be a creative designer of the future.
Sunday 29th of November 10:30am

Little Explorer Day - Paper Helicopters

Make your very own paper helicopter to take home and test it in our wind tunnel
Sunday 29th of November 11:00am

The Cloud Revolution

Get hands on with our technology and find out how the “internet of things” could improve your life. This easy and fun activity is the perfect introduction to Cloud Technology.
Sunday 29th of November 11:00am

Little Explorer Day - Huff & Puff

What is air and what do we use it for? Join us to explore the air all around us and make your very own wind powered car!
Sunday 29th of November 11:20am

Space Explorers

The perfect show for younger visitors to our new digital planetarium. Explore the night sky and take a trip to the Moon before flying through the solar system to see a planet up close.
Sunday 29th of November 11:30am

Little Explorer Day - Up Up and Away

Join us on a storytelling adventure into the clouds!
Sunday 29th of November 12:00pm

Wonders of the Night Sky

Take a dramatic tour of our solar system, from the International Space Station to distant planets, and then head into interstellar space as we explore our galaxy and our place in the cosmos.
Sunday 29th of November 12:00pm

Hidden Universe 3D

Hidden Universe takes audiences on an extraordinary journey deep into space in the cinematic medium that transports audiences like no other.


Glasgow Science Centre